My Report Card at University of Epilepsy

Dear Jack,

It was six months ago already (or, finally?) that the events I detailed in this letter took place.  I can’t decide if it was a really fast six months, or a really slow six months.  It was probably one of those strange-yet-normal paradoxes in life in which it was simultaneously both fast and slow.

Regardless of the speed, I feel that God’s been teaching me lessons over this time, which I half-jokingly refer to as my first semester in UE (University of Epilepsy).  Below I list the courses of this semester, give brief description of each, report my current grade, and include notes from my instructors.

Patience 101: course focuses mostly on the need to slow down in life and realize that things won’t always happen when we want them to.  Main course instructor features the RRTA Bus System, but also adjunct appearances by Bad Weather and Fickle Appointments.  Grade: C Student has demonstrated an increase in patience from the start of the course, but still shows a tendency to become disgruntled when plans are suddenly rearranged.

Appreciation 101: course focuses on the ability to cultivate thankfulness for the things we often take for granted.  Course is facilitated by a panel of instructors featuring Driving Privileges, Flexible Employer, Loving Friends and Family, Lancaster City Coffee Shops, Gibbel Kraybill & Hess Attorneys, and a special appearance by the RRTA Bus System.  Grade: A+ Student has made tremendous leaps in appreciating the privileged blessings he once took as granted rights.

Flexibility 101: course is designed to be taken in conjunction with Patience, and focuses toward the fact that not only do we have little control of when things happen, we also have little control of if they happen, and we must focus only on the things that we can control.  Course instruction is jointly led by Work Schedule and Family Calendar.  Grade: B Student has shown good progress, and is showing evidence of overcoming years of always getting what he expected or desired.  Still some ground to make up, however.

Dependency 101:  course’s main objective is to teach the notion of independence as possibly an idea that has been falsely elevated to a trait most desired by our culture.  Course instructors include Wonderful Wife, Sacrificial Parents, the RRTA Bus System, and Medical Professionals.  Grade: A- Student has made tremendous strides in realizing the goal of independence is a fleeting goal, and he now cherishes the fact that he can rely on others in this life – and not only can he rely on them, he is enjoying the reliance on them.

The overarching concept that has been drilled down deep within me is the fact that in life we need to focus on What We Can Control, and simply acknowledge What We Can’t Control.  I didn’t voluntarily enroll at UE, and I’m not really sure when my graduation will ever be, but I’m ok with that.  It hasn’t been easy – but there’s been few times when I have let the frustration really get the best of me, and I’m remorseful of even those, mostly because I end up taking it out on the ones helping and loving me.

I want to draw special attention to Lydia, Mom and Dad, and Brandon Fisher for going above and beyond with shuttling me around, as well as Ron for being an outrageously generous employer.

Till next time, Jack.



11 thoughts on “My Report Card at University of Epilepsy”

    1. Thanks, Aunt Tish. But evidently maybe my instructors, including Ms. Wife, have taken issue with my grading schedule.

  1. ummm… you get to grade yourself? I’m pretty sure we were supposed to grade you. Do you know how hard it is to get an A+ at university???? That’s a 97% or higher. You must have done extra credit or something. very creative post.

  2. Nice post, Jeremy and congrats! While you never asked to have this happen to you, it sure seems like you used it to learn some great lessons. Keep up the good work and hope you are driving again soon!

  3. I love this post and your perspective throughout. You squeezed the most out of these lemons and served a lot of people delicious lemonade, lemon pepper chicken, lemon squares, and lemon meringue pie. Well Done!

    1. Ha – well done on the continued analogy. You certainly helped tremendously in the cooking and serving capacities.

  4. I just love your writing … especially to Jack. These six months have been a mixed bag of lots of things. I cried as I read through your “class” descriptions and grades. Love you lots – mom

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