What Breaks Your Heart?

Dear Jack,

I was walking home from a day at Prince St. Cafe a few months ago, and recorded some of my thoughts on observing the conversations around me – as well as personally wrestling with some of my own thoughts.  It was one of those days that builds perspective on things.  This week I had some [relatively] disappointing things take place, and I happened to re-listen to the recording by accident this afternoon.  I had completely forgot I ever recorded it.  It was timely.  This is what I said:

What breaks your heart?
The poor, elderly woman outside with no teeth who asks for $2 for warm coffee, or the fact that the Patriots lost to the Jets on Sunday afternoon?

What breaks your heart?
Receiving a letter in the mail from your Compassion child saying how when his dad gets angry his mom has to leave the house so “he doesn’t do violence” to her, or the time that our commission check gets delayed a few weeks and we can’t purchase that new couch yet?

What breaks your heart?
The fact that 60% of African American babies are aborted in New York City, or our own lack of access to our local legislature for a trivial problem?

What breaks your heart?
The fact that your neighbor may spend eternity in hell, or the fact that he stole your shoveled out parking spot?

What breaks your heart?
The fact that Christians can’t decide what side of the street to walk down concerning capital punishment, or the fact that unregenerate men are being put to death?

What breaks your heart?
The fact that your home’s estimated fair market value has plummeted the last few years,  or the fact that 14 year old girls are being sold into slavery in our own back yard?

Perspective.  We all need to build perspective into our lives.  Chances are, you’re blessed beyond the imagination of 95% of the world’s population – and our hearts are becoming jaded by the “tragedies” of our American consumptive lifestyle when in reality, the world is moaning in pain.

We can choose to throw an internal pity party, or we can buck up and realize God’s entrusted a lot of talents (our time, our wealth, and our skills) to help redeem the world around us.  Till next time, Jack,




9 thoughts on “What Breaks Your Heart?”

  1. Wow…American consumptive lifestyle. That’s a great way to describe the gluttony we live in and are taught! I think everyone needs a trip out of the U.S. to see the way that the majority of humans live. Great letter, Jeremy!

  2. Your writing is so filled with compassion–it is easily caught by the reader. Your writing is so inspiration and mind challenging. ~~ mom

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