5 Convictions on Goals

Dear Jack,

I’m currently going through the Kingdom Advisors Training, led by Ron Blue, and it has had, in no exaggeration, a career-shifting impact on my life.  Ron Blue is able to speak truth and wisdom in ways that I haven’t seen before, and being able to see the ministry of financial advice has been motivating and affirming in my career choice.

The latest module of training was on goal setting, and I want to share with you just five convictions that I’ve walked away with.

  1. The process of goal setting is more important than the actual goals
  2. God is able to direct our steps much easier if we are walking, compared to sitting
  3. We are not to set goals based on the past or present situations, or apart from our spouse
  4. Goals are a biblical mandate (Ephesians 5.15-17, Proverbs 16.9)
  5. When we feel that a goal is received from God and commit it to Him, He is the one who will provide the resources necessary to meet it

Through this module I was able to focus the lens a bit more on the balance of reliance on God and pro-activity of ourselves from this Kingdom Advisors Training.  I hope you become a goal-setting type of person, as I see now not just the personal reasons for setting goals, but the biblical call to set goals.  Till next time, Jack.



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