Producing Productivity

Dear Jack,

I’ve become somewhat obsessed with maximizing my time over the past 12 months. And I feel that I’m settling into a good routine of “producing productivity” through some various tools that I’ve either found or created.  One of which is a Weekly Planner, which I spend approximately one hour Monday morning completing.  It includes my weekly tasks (mostly work related, but also some high-urgency home tasks), prospective clients to call on, daily education, new meetings set up, and Sharpen the Saw activities (more on this in later posts).  It sets the tone for what I need to do that week.

The Weekly Planner is then digested into Daily Planners, which are quarter sheets of paper I fill in each morning and record what I need to do that day to get done the week’s tasks and plans.

I also have been using a voice recorder for when I’m driving and have an idea or remember that I need to call someone at a later time.  It’s amazing how many ideas float in and out of my head if I don’t record them and later write them down.

And perhaps my favorite tool is a website called Joe’s Goals.  On this site I can list goals that I want to accomplish daily, and it tracks my consecutive streaks of doing so.  The website is super simple and super clean, yet super efficient.  Right now I have 9 goals that I want to do each day, and if I can hit all 9, I consider it a successful day.  They are, as of now, designated quiet time, pray about ____ (not public information), physical exercise, prospecting calls, update blogs, intentionally encourage Lydia, drink a certain amount of water (harder than it sounds!), send an encouragement email to a friend, and read and relax.

I believe that if we truly want to be productive, we have to pursue it and produce it.  Using some of these tools has helped me, and I’d be curious to know the tools available to help you by the time you read this.  Until next time, Jack.



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