The Greatest and the Least of Us

Dear Jack,

The Lord has brought into my life, on multiple occasions within this past week alone, the concept of considering others more significant than ourselves.   This idea surfaces in, among other places, Mark 10.35f and Philippians 2.  In the study we are doing with our small group, we were asked to identify challenges to this mindset, or what holds us back from considering others more significant than ourselves.

Pride is the obvious culprit, but its offspring are the less obvious trouble makers.  The ones I’d like to deal with now are age and disdain, both offspring of pride, and how they mutually feed each other.  As a whole, I believe older, and arguably more mature, adults can find it easy to consider younger, potentially less mature adults less significant than themselves.  This, in return, causes the younger adults to think with disdain at a perceived lack of fairness due to age alone, which if acted upon, fittingly, makes them appear even less mature.  I’m not going to get into where the issue starts – the age or the disdain – but the simple solution is for all church parts to consider themselves lesser than everyone else.  It solves the whole issue.

The reason I pick up on the age/disdain factor is because it’s what I struggle with right now.  I feel that I’m looked down upon by certain families in the church, and I react with pride-inflamed disdain, thinking that they are the ones, in fact, who are immature as evidenced that they think I’m immature.  Most of the times I am able to refrain from voicing this, but not all times.  And it’s when I let this disdain linger in my heart that I find myself slipping into sin.  I think that most church problems that stem from generation issues can be searched and found to have the fingerprints of this age/disdain issue.  What a shame.

I’m hoping by the time that you can read and understand these letters that I will have grown out of this disdain and am able to better act upon the command to consider all people more significant than myself, but I pray that by that time I will not have grown into the age-discrimination side of the problem!  Till next time, Jack,



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