2010 Goals/Resolutions

Dear Jack,

This year it’s seemed as if New Year goals/resolutions have become the subject of criticism.  I could be wrong, but a lot of the conversation I hear is how dumb and irrelevant and never followed through – all of which may be true, but is truly depressing.  Without goals and resolutions to make ourselves better, it’s a pretty mediocre life.  With that said, here’s my 2010 Goals and/or Resolutions.

Family Goals/Resolutions
-Take a vacation to North Carolina’s Outer Banks
-Have a clear sense of direction and timeline for adoption
-Be regularly studying the Bible with Lydia and not just myself

Financial Goals/Resolutions
-To earn $x5,000
-Reduce current student loan balance by half
-Be giving 12.5% of income

Spiritual Goals/Resolutions
-To read 30 books
-Complete quarterly study of each Gospel
-Join Keystone church

Physical Goals/Resolutions
-Run 1.5 marathons (either one half and one full or three halves)
-Work out 3x/week at YMCA
-Recapture former physique

I think my favorite part about these goals is that I’m going to laminate them and put them in the shower so that I’m reminded (and hopefully recharged) to keep striving for them.  Keep setting goals and making resolutions, Jack, because even if you don’t hit all your goals, at least you’re striving to make yourself that much better.  Till next time, Jack.



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