Manhood Defined

Dear Jack,

In the material called Men’s Fraternity, Robert Lewis describes the four definitions of a man.  While I’m not 100% excited about Men’s Fraternity, this definition took hold in my heart.  It goes like this.  A man …

  • Rejects passivity
  • Accepts responsibility
  • Leads courageously
  • Expects the greater rewards from God

Put yourself in any situation that you’ve been in recently.  Have you acted this way?  Have you rejected being passive?  Have you accepted responsibility for what is happening?  Have you stepped up and led with courage?  And have you looked to God for greater reward, and not from this world?  I’m tempted to go into specific examples of ways that these four concepts have molded me, but I think it’d be even more beneficial for you to think of ways that they can mold you, without my examples cluttering your mind.  If you apply these steps to any scenario or situation, you can truly be a man of God.  Till next time, Jack.



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