From a Full to a Half

Dear Jack-

Ah – humility.  It seems to be the most slippery character trait to ever get a grip on – because as soon as you think you do, you’ve ironically become proud of being humble.

It seems my pride has crept up lately, as I’ve been forced to back down my ambitious goal of running a marathon this fall to running a half marathon.  Over the span of four weeks, I sustained four random (or maybe Random) injuries, all on weekends, all of which prevented me from running my long runs for the marathon.  The result: running friend Justin quite bluntly recommended my retreat from the full 26.2 and to take on a 13.1 as my first race.  He thought it was very improbable that I’d be able to make up the runs lost over those injury times.

Well – why does this happen?  I think it’s because I was taking pride in the fact that I was running a marathon, and I was boasting about it, to be honest.  The Lord decided I was getting just a bit too smug, and that I wasn’t really running this race to glorify Him – I was running the race to glorify myself.

Ans so, I’m disappointed – but also relieved in some ways.  Maybe because deep down I knew I was growing pride-full, but wasn’t able to keep the slippery devil in place.  13.1 miles will be enough of a challenge as my first long distance race, yet still evidently still not enough to trigger my self-absorbed pride.  Till next time, Jack.



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