Vacations and Eternity

Dear Jack-

We recently returned from a vacation down in Ocean City, Maryland with my side of the family.  Wonderful, relaxing, enjoyable, fun-filled trip … yet still seemed to come up short.  Short of what, I’m not sure.  But the last day, as always, I get this longing in my heart for more.  I’m assuming it’s more vacation.. but I could not say if I can quantify the number of vacation days needed before that longing goes away.  And it’s not that I dreaded coming back to work – I enjoy work.  I think it has something to do with Ecclesiastes 3.11, which says that God has “put eternity into man’s heart.”

A pretty ambiguous term, but I feel it means that we, while on this earth, will never have “enough.”  Enough money to satisfy us, enough vacation to relax us, enough compassion to drive us, and so forth.  What we do have is enough to make us want just a little more – and that’s what the anticipation of heaven is all about.  I’m not saying that I envision heaven to look like Ocean City (in fact, I certainly hope it doesn’t) or just day after day of leisure on the beach – I’m just saying that we’re given enough to want more while on this earth, and that more is only found in God’s hands.  Till next time, Jack.




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