A Modern Day Good Samaritan

Dear Jack-

Bear with me for a bit here – I want to share a story.  At church last week we discussed the Good Samaritan, and a very distinct picture came into my head about what that story would look like played out in modern times and even in Lancaster.  I’m going to take some pretty broad liberties with the story, so don’t hold my account quite as accurate as what’s found in Luke 10.

“Who is my neighbor?”
A Lancaster resident was walking from Central Market back to his home in south-west Lancaster on a late afternoon.  As he walked west on King St, in between Concord and Mulberry, a group of three men approached him from behind.  They brutally beat, robbed, and stabbed the resident, stripping him of even his clothes, dragged his body partially onto Concord St and left him for dead.

Now by chance a youth pastor from a local church was returning to his vehicle from Prince St Cafe and was walking west on King and talking on his cell phone to a fellow pastor.  Seeing the legs of the man laid in a heap on Concord, the youth pastor quickly jumped across the road and continued west on King St toward his car, ignoring the stricken resident.

Likewise, a bishop from a local church also was passing by, walking east on King St on his way to the convention center.  He heard the man’s cry for help from the street, but was already late for an important meeting that he needed to get to.  He averted his eyes, pretending to notice a car passing by, and continued on his way.

But then a wealthy businessman who happened to be Muslim drove by in his car.  He happened to see the man laying on the street, and slammed on the brakes in the middle of traffic to stop.  Putting on his four-ways, he rushed out of his car, and ran to the man’s aid.  He ripped his Armani shirt off of his back and wrapped the man’s wounds.  Running back to the trunk of his car, still idling in traffic with angry drivers beeping their horns, he grabbed a bottle of wine to pour on the man’s open cuts.  He then picked up the bleeding and beaten man in his arms, laid him in the white leather back seat of his car, and drove him to Lancaster General.  Once there, he rushed the man into the Emergency Room, demanded immediate attention, and the doctors took the man in.  Talking to the Triage unit, the Muslim businessman gave $5,000 in cash and said that he would return in several days, and if the Hospital incurred any additional expenses, that he would pay for them at that point. |

Disclaimer: I’m not being anti-church and/or an Angry Emergent here (because even with her flaws, I still love the Church) anymore than Jesus was being anti-Israel in his parable; I’m only drawing a mental, modern-day picture.  For me, it’s pretty powerful.  Till next time, Jack.



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