Going the Extra _____

Dear Jack,

It dawned on me recently that the phrase, “Going the extra mile” is adapted from the Bible (Matt 5.41).  Maybe this is common knowledge – but I just realized it.

Regardless, I love when people do go the extra mile, doing whatever it may be.  I’ve borrowed my Uncle John’s truck several times when having car issues, and not only does he allow me to borrow it, but he goes the extra mile in making sure the gas is topped off and he even has dropped the truck off at my home, neither of which I asked him to do.  Another example is the guy who fixed-up and sold us our house not only cleaned the whole place after we agreed to buy it, he also bought us a brand new Shop-vac because he knew we were expecting a child soon and a “Shop-vac is the best way to clean up broken glass so that your daughter won’t crawl into any shattered fragments remaining on the floor,” according to him.

I try and go the extra mile when I can because people don’t expect it.  At home I can offer to bring Lydia a drink of water before bed and then also warm up the rice sock if her neck’s hurting.  Or at work I can not only answer a client’s question, but can follow up on it the next week to make sure it’s resolved.  It’s neat to bless people that way, and I need to do a more consistent job of doing so.  You should too.  Till next time, Jack.



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