Peace-ful vs. Passive

Dear Jack-

I’ve been wrestling in my head lately the difference of being peace-ful and being passive.  And maybe “difference” isn’t the right word, but “balance” is more apt.  I consider myself a pretty restrained, self-controlled, level-headed individual, and it seems to be getting more and more rare that I lose my temper.  I think this is good.  However, I also seem to becoming less and less confrontational, which I’m not as convinced is good.  In fact, I think it’s bad. I think I’m flirting with being passive.

What’s the balance between these two?  Can it even be defined, or can it only be evaluated circumstance by circumstance?  I’ve heard the phrase “Silence is golden, but it also can be yellow” and I identify with that.  What if, in my peace-seeking ways, I am becoming passive?  Galations 5.22 doesn’t make any mention of this – only that we are to be filled with ” .. peace, patience, kindness, goodness… gentleness, self-control.”

Ecclesiastes 3.8  tells us there is a time for war and a time for peace – but how are you to know when to apply which?  If an intruder breaks into our home, I would think that’d be a time for war – but is it?  Less traumatic: what about when your broke, drug addicted neighbor may have smashed into your car?  Do you pursue a speculative legal investigation against him?  Or what about when your family is disrespected in public?  Seek peace, or seek action?  A lot more questions than answers today.  Till next time, Jack.



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