Reasons for a Marathon

Dear Jack-

I’ve decided to run a marathon.  Those are some words I never thought I would utter, yet I’ve made the bold decision to run in the Harrisburg marathon on November 9th, 2009.  This, however, was by no means an impulse decision.  Three thought processes conspired together in leading me to the 26.2 mile commitment.

  1. My sister Jenna ran a marathon in May, and I was able to witness the event.  Amazing amounts of support, encouragement, and community with a shared sense of pain, endurance, and victory.
  2. Recently I’ve run into numerous business executives within Lancaster who are avid long distance runners.  A perceived parallel between commitment to the pavement and commitment to career success was made.
  3. I needed a challenge – a daunting, high probability chance of failure challenge.  I wanted to tackle something that I knew I stood little chance of succeeding in, because most risks I take are pre-calculated by my mind to be slated to my favor, and I wanted to change that.

And I’m also telling people about it – not to brag, but to deepen the sense of commitment.  I dislike letting people down or falling beneath their expectations, and so the more people who know about this, the more people I have as motivation to train harder.  I’ll keep you updated on my training thoughts.  Till next time, Jack.



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