Finishing the Race

Dear Jack-

I was meeting with a prospective client this week, and towards the end of the meeting she shared with me the story of John Stephen Akhwari.  Here’s a video (bear with me, it’s certainly dated):

The short of it is that Akhwari, who was a favorite to win the race, fell and was injured at some point during the run.  Apparently everyone forgot about him as other competitors finished the race hours before.  He had every reason to quit and to give up – but he didn’t, although evidently all the race officials and camera crews did.  At the end of the day during a medal ceremony, he came limping into the stadium for his final lap.  It took everyone by surprise as they had written him off as a did-not-complete.

I love his quote at the end.  He was asked why he didn’t give up, to which he responded, “My country did not send me 5,000 miles to start the race. They sent me 5,000 miles to finish the race.”  Brings a whole new perspective to the challenges we face in our daily lives, doesn’t it?  Till next time, Jack.



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