What We Don’t Know … Could Bless Us

Dear Jack-

I recently read through the book of Ruth, and among a lot of other subjects, the fact that Ruth wasn’t able to have a child for ten years with her first husband (either Mahlon or Chilion) struck me (vs 1.4).  How frustrating that must have been, especially in those times when blessings were measured by children.  The text doesn’t voice these concerns, so I’m doing a bit of non-breathed interpretation, but I don’t believe this is too large of an assumption.  Ruth was most likely frustrated.

Fast forward to the end of the book, when Boaz has redeemed Ruth and she bore a son (vs 4.13).  Her desire was finally fulfilled, but she had to wait.  A testimony to patience – but I think there’s even more.  If Ruth would have had a child back in Moab, there’s a possibility she never would have left the country and moved to Judah, and met Boaz and so forth.  Her life’s greatest blessing may have been completely missed if she had received her desires when she wanted to.  God was “protecting” her in the form of withholding blessings for the sake of receiving an even larger blessing.  I wonder what God is “protecting” me and my family right now from.  The faith aspect of this is that we only see the full picture in retrospect.  Till next time, Jack.



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