Walter Clan Adds a Baby

Dear Jack-

On May 1, 2009 at 7:29 PM, Lydia and I welcomed our beautiful baby girl into the world.  The miracle of birth itself was something truly awe-inspiring, and to hear the doctors and nurses broadly explain what just takes place in the baby’s body during her first breath was mind-boggling.  But to hold the tiny life that took us all by surprise so many months ago, and to realize God’s sovereignty and goodness, filled me with emotion that was overwhelming.  I wish I could have bottled up all that emotion, because today, only 10 days later, I find myself not recalling everything our hearts went through.  Regardless, our little girl, named Adrianna Faith after being Baby Walter for 24 hours, is a true blessing.

I find it hard to believe I was angry or upset at God last fall when we found out we had a baby on the way, Jack.  Watching Adrianna sleep or having her look into my eyes or even soothing her cries draws me closer to God in a way I’ve never experienced before.  Working as a team with Lydia is a blessing as well, trading off activities and responsibilities and serving each other where we can in ways we couldn’t before.  It’s already drawn us closer together.  Granted, some of this may lose its appeal, but for now I’m enjoying it as much as I possibly can.  I hope you have the chance to enjoy a newborn child soon, Jack.  Till next time.