Is God Enough?

Dear Jack-

Yesterday Pops preached a sermon entitled “Is God Enough?” and it took a look at Habakkuk the minor prophet, and how he went from complaining to God to glorifying God.  Looking at the beginning and the end of the book, you would think the middle part revealed great blessings –  but that’s not what happened.  God didn’t answer any of Habakkuk’s prayers.  Israel/Habakkuk had nothing.  Yet he praised God.  Pops challenged us to think of the things in our life that we feel bring us meaning/joy/pride/purpose, whether we have them now or we are working toward them in the future.  He then asked us to think what our reaction would be if God chose to take all of them away.  Would God still be enough?

For me, this meant my wife and my career I am building.  I absolutely am in love with my wife, and can’t even begin to imagine what life would be without her.  Would God still be enough?  I think so, but it’s not easy to say that.  For my career, I plan on being in the financial planning industry for the long haul and reaping the hopefully generous rewards of doing so – but if God chooses to pull me out, or to limit my growth, will He still be enough?  I feel more confident in saying yes to this than I currently do about my wife.  God has always met my needs every time, even in college when I had a couple hundred bucks to my name.

What about you, Jack?  What is it that you hope to find or currently find meaning/joy/pride/purpose in?  And what if God takes it away?  Will he still be enough?  I hope so.  Till next time, Jack.



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